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Writing horse insurance is unique, and difficult for a general insurance agent.

So in the past, people have had to take what they could, and pay a fortune for it.

By specializing in equine insurance, we've successfully saved customers 20% or more on their annual insurance premiums on medical & mortality for their horses, as well as equine business insurance for boarding, breeding, trainers, horse & riding clubs, & trail or pony ride companies.

We insure both businesses and private individuals.  Whether you own one horse which is 'priceless,' yet relatively inexpensive, or you own and operate a thriving horse stable and training facility, we have the desire and ability to find the specialized coverage that's right for you.  We want your business; no matter how large or small.  In fact, some of our best customers now, originally began with us because other insurance companies didn't want to bother insuring them when they started.   Over time their horse business, and our relationship, have grown together.

Our Equine Insuance offerings include: We also specialize in:

We've been in business for 20 years (feel free to verify that by viewing the California State Insurance website), we're licensed in nearly every state in the continental US, and we'll be happy to give you a free quote.

Since we've also operated our own ranch, with boarding stables, as well as horse and rider training programs and clinics,  I'm completely familiar with the challenges, opportunities, and potential liability that private horse owners and equine business operators face each day.

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